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The educational work of Casa-Shalom is documented in various formats: old fashioned Paper files on various subjects (more than 350!) , publications and lectures . Click on the previous link to learn more about each of them.

 Files on various subjects

Casa-Shalom has been accummulating a large collection (350-plus) of Paper files, dealing with various ascpects of its work. These are kept at the Casa-Shalom library.

For a recent (May 2011) list of the documents held by Casa-Shalom Library, please click HERE .


The following table details the current list of publications written or presented as part of work on behalf of Casa Shalom. The highlighted publications are available for browsing either online, or can be ordered by sending an email to Casa Shalom.

Publication title Source/reference
Jews Practiced Their Faith After Spanish Explusion Manchester Jewish Telegraph. Aug. 8th. 1980
Expedition to Ibiza Jewish Chronicle. Oct. 15th. 1982
Lost Jews of Ibiza Jerusalem Post. March 17th. 1983
The Multi-Raciality of the Balearic Isles 50 years after the Spanish Civil War.
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Spanish Studies Morley College. Lond. Univ. Jan. 1986.
Apellidos Ibicencos de Origen Judio Series. Ultima Hora. Barcelona. Sept. - Nov. 1986
Ibiza and Formentera. Encyclopaedia Judaica Year Book 1986-87. P. 256
Jewish Connections of Prinz Luis Salvador of Hapsburg and Convento of San Cristobel, Ibiza 5th. Judeo-Spanish Seminar. Westfield Coll. Lond. 1986
La Judia de las Pitiusas Anuario 87 . P. 65-71. 71. Ed. Mariano Plannels
Pictorial / local history series English/Spanish Balearic Living. Bi-month. Journal. (Pub. Majorca / New York / London.) Aug. 87 - Oct. 88
Santa Eulalia Remembered; Ibiza, Dalt Vila; The Art of The Cube, an historical survey of Ibicenco Architecture; Formentera, the Quiet Paradise; Country House Hotels of Ibiza; History of The Salt Trade in Formentera; History of the Textile Industry in Ibiza and Formentera Pictorial / written local history series, (English./Span.) Balearic Living. Bi-month. Journal. (Pub. Majorca / New York / London.) Aug. 87 - Oct. 88
Beth Hatefutsoth News Beth Hatefutsoth News. Aug. 89. Pub. Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv. Archives also contain 300 of photos by Gloria Mound / PHOTOGRAPHER, Frederic Brenner. FILM in preparation.
The Jewish Remnants in Ibiza and Formentera
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Trans. 10th. World Cong. Jewish Studies. Vol. B.p. 459. pub. Heb. Univ., Jerusalem. Aug. 89. Offprint available
Important Facets of Hitherto Unknown Jews of Ibiza and Formentera Two Papers read at 18th. 'Semana Sepharad', Yeshiva Univ., New York. December 1989
Jews of the Smaller Balearic Isles Jewish Anthology, Glasgow, E.C. City of Culture. 1989-90. by Gloria Mound. Pub. Glasgow Jewish Representative Council
Take A Basket
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an Autobiography. Pub. by Perpetua London. 1980
Conditions of Jews in Ibiza, 1930-1960
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7th. British Conf. Judeo-Spanish Studies Glasgow Univ., Mar. 20-22nd. 1991.: Now in University Press. Pre-publication on Sephardic Electronic Newsletter
Cripto Judios/Manuscritos. Hebreos en Menorca y Ibiza y Formentera, desde el XIV-XVI. 'Jornadas Sobre Judios Y Conversos De Baleares en La Epoca Del Descubrimiento De America,' Palma-De-Majorca, May 1992. Pub. Govern Balear.-Majorca. Due 1998
Manuscripts Relating To Conditions For The Jews In The Smaller Balearic Islands: 14th.-15th.centuries
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Trans. 'Jornadas Sobre Judios Y Conversos De Baleares en La Epoca Del Descubrimiento De America,' , May 1992. Pub. Majorca .1999.Ed. Lleonard Muntaner, Llibres de la Nostra Terra #39. 1999
Piracy, the Inquisition,and the Jews of Ibiza and Formentera
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A Paper based on an earlier version presented at the Oxford Centre For Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Yarnton, Oxford, Oct. 1992. Published 1995
Jewish Folklore/Customs in Ibiza & Formentera-Balearic Isles Paper given at Oxford 1992. Shortly to be pub. by Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies,Yarnton Manor Oxford.U.K.
The High Holydays Amongst The Marranos Contributions to Jerusalem Post
It Seems To Me. Tekia - Monthly English Journal of City of Ashkelon,including a Column
Shades of Purim Esther's Legacy-Purim Around The World, Published by Haddassah International in honour of its 90th Birthday, Brandeis University February 2002
Contributions to Jerusalem Post The High Holydays Amongst The Marranos
Tekia Monthly English Journal of Ashkelon Column It Seems To Me.
Hitherto Unknown Jews of Banbury
request publication
U.K. Paper given as part of the Anniv.of the the Oxford Jewish Community the Banbury Historical Soc.U.K. 1993
Conditions for Jews in the Balearic Isles-1932-1960 Transactions 23rd. Annual Scholars Holocaust Conference, 1993. Pub. University of Tulsa,Oklahoma.Available on CD Rom
Continuing Jewish Customs /Folklore/Music ,in Ibiza and Formentera
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Trans.11th. World Conference of Jewish Studies.Jerusalem 1993. Pub. Hebrew Univ.Vol.D.p.143-150
Distinctive Jewish Names in the Balearic Isles
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Ist.International Onomastic Conference Bar Ilan Univ.Israel. 'Whats in a Jewish Name ? June/July 1993, published in book 'These Are The Names' Bar Ilan University Press. July 1997. Offprint/book available at Casa Shalom
A Surreptitious Tolerance-Jews Moors and Christians in Ibiza / Formentera after 1492 Jews of Sepharad, Univ of N. Iowa, USA.Oct.1993, publication Univ. of Florida, Autumn 2004. Essays On A Vanishing Jewish Culture, McFarland Inc. Box 611 NC. USA.
The Jews of Libya During the Holocaust
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24th. Annual Scholars Holocaust Conf..Rider Univ. Lawrenceville, N.J.USA. Pub. by Rider Univ..1994.V.III.p.530. Offprint available
The Legacy of Walter Benjamin and His Contemporaries, Fleeing the Holocaust, Living in Ibiza, 1932-33. Trans. of Remembering
B'nai Brit International Monthly Purim 1994 Majorca's Catholic Jews; Gloria Mound and Institute For Marrano Studies supplied part text, and eight of the nine photos published.
Family Names and Emblems - Links Between Salonika and the Balearic Islands 2nd International Onomastic Conference Bar Ilan Univ.Israel.1995. Now in Univ. Press
Majorca's Catholic Jews B'nai Brit International Monthly. Purim 1994. Gloria Mound and Institute For Marrano Studies supplied part text, and eight of the nine photos published
Similarities of Marrano Customs in Differing Locations Transactions of Sao Tome Y Principe Conference Memory and Identity, July 1995. . In Hebrew Univ. Press
Jews In Places you Never Thought of
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Pub. Ktav N.Y. 1998
High Holydays Amongst The Spanish Marranos; Judaic Research in the Balearic Islands and Sao Tome Two Contributions
How the Marranos Celebrated The High-Holy Days Contributions to Kulanu, Silver Spring . M.D. USA. Available on Internet: pub. Kulanu , Volume 2 # 3 .Washington D.C. Autumn 1995
Holocaust Conditions and Todays Continuing Legacy of Walter Benjamin and Contemporaries in the Balearic Islands.
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Trans.The Fourth Biennial Conf. Christianity and the Holocaust.- 50th. Anniversary of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials - Their Effectiveness and Legacy . Rider Univ. Lawrenceville N. Jersey .April 1996. Pub. 1996. Offprint Available
A New Discovery: Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Manuscripts Which Shed New Light on the Conditions of the Jews of Palma-De-Majorca
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Trans. 3rd. Medieval Cong. Univ.of Leeds UK.1994..Al-Masaq. Leeds Univ. Due June 1998
The Jewish Historical Aspects in El Llibres d'Entreveniments Abstracts of Medieval Conf. Univ. of Utrecht. July 1996. Summary pub.1997. Full to be announced shortly
The Importance of Outreach Adult Education to the Marranos-Anusim
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Proceedings of the Ist , WZO International Conference on Adult Education.Jerusalem December 1998
The Casa Shalom Journal
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Vols 1/2/3/4/5 1998-2004. Various articles, poems, reports on Marrano-Anusim around the world
Customs, Praying and Holy Day Ritual Amongst Marrano-Anusim Jews Transactions Avoda and Ibada Conf. Dept. Judaic Studies. Univ. of Denver .Mar.1998. Publication due shortly
Jewish Connections Between Prinz Luis Salvador of Hapsburg and Nathanial von Rothschild of Vienna
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Trans. EAJS. Conf. Toledo Spain .1998. Pub. due 1999, Dpto. de Hebreo Faculatd de Filologia Universidad Complutense, Madrid
The Legacy of Luis Santangel In The Balearic Islands Transactions 'Life and Times of Luis Santangel' Manchester Metropolitian Univ.U.K.Nov.1998, Chicago 1998. Pub. due 1999
The Resurgence of Pride and Jewish Identity in Spain Today Transactions Beer Sheva Sephardic Education Conf. 2002, Now in Univ. Press
Samuel Augustus Binion and the Unknown History Of The Two Unknown Minorcan Synagogues Proceedings 12th World Cong. Jewish Studies, Pub. Heb. Univ, published 2000
The Concept Of Spanish Identity (Hacia un Nuevo Fin De Siglo,1898-1998) Trans. Manchester Metropolitian Univ. U.K. Nov. (1998) Conference -The Resurgence of Pride and Jewish Identity in Spain Today, Publication due 2000
request publication
Proceedings 12th World Cong. Jewish Studies. Pub. Heb. Univ. 2000
The Origins, Activities and Holdings of Casa Shalom Transactions of IFLA Conference Jerusalem Aug.2000
Proceedings of the Jews, Marranos and Freemasonary Conference, April 2002 Pub. World Freemasonary Centre /Casa Shalom. Due 2004
Under One Canopy Published Kulanu 2003
The Connections Between Family Emblems and Names in The Balearic Islands of Spain and Saloinca
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Jewish Genealogy Conference Jerusalem 2004
The Importance of Genealogy in Converso-Anusim Marrano-Research Two Papers given at 24th Jewish Genealogy Conference, Jerusalem 2004
 "Origins & Holdings  at Casa Shalom”Sharsherst Hadorot, The Israel Genealogy  Society Jouirnal. Vol. 20 No. 1. Pub. Feb. 2005. English and Hebrew text
 "Jews  of Ibiza & Formentera" 11th. Congress Per A Estudi Dels Jueus En Territoris De Llengua Catalana, pub. 2008


Hundreds of lectures have been given all over the world, to Universities, Schools, JCCs,Genealogy Societies and other Organizations, both Jewish and non-Jewish.  A very small selection is quoted below:

Topic Location Date
The Connections Between Freemasonary and Marranos Given at International World Freemasonary Center /Casa Shalom ConferenceApril 2002
Columbus Day Lecture: " How Jewish Was Columbus ? "University of Miami October 2002
The Awakening Communities and Their Desire to Connect to Israel B'nai Brit International JerusalemJuly 2003
"A Certain Identity-Secret Jewish Communities Around The World"Boston Mass USAMay 2003
"The Exotic History & Culture of Secret Jews Around the World" Brandeis University May 2003
"Importance of Women in Marrano Society and Culture", "Festivals, Food, Music Birth ,Marriage and Burial Customs", "Judaisim Never Dies! The Anusim/Marranos of The Spanish & Portuguese Inquisitions" Scholar In Residence Week-end Lincoln Park Jewish Center New York May 9-11th 2003
"La conexion judios-masoneria en las Islas Baleares/America"X Symposium International De Historia De La Masoneria Espanola Leganes University Madrid September 2003
"The Importance of JewishOoutreach Education to the Marranos-Anusim". Ist. WZO. International Conference on Adult Education, Jerusalem 
"Customs, Praying and Holy Day Ritual Amongst Marranos-Anusim" University of Denver1998
"Jewish Connections Between Prinz Luis Salvador of Habsburg and Nathaniel von Rothschild of Vienna. EAJS. Conferenece Toledo Spain1999
The Jewish Historical Aspects in El Llibre D'Entrevenimentss Medieval Conference Utrecht1996
"The Legacy of Luis Santangel In the Balearic Island s"Life and Times of Luis Santangel Conference, Dominican University, Chicago1998

Special Youth Programmes for Schools and Youth clubs in Israel and Abroad.

The unique situation in the Caribbean and awakening of these hitherto secret or unknown Communities, including an address to the Jamaica Community and visit to Cuba.

We endeavour to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, but it is very possible that some of the items listed above have by now been published.

Do not hesitate to enquire further using the Contact Us form.

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