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Jerusalem Post article 13-4-2009

Click on this link to go to Jerusalem Post web site to see the article, published on April 13th, 2009.

Gloria and Leslie Mound at Casa Shalom in Gan Yavne.
Gloria and Leslie Mound at Casa Shalom in Gan Yavne.

 If the above link does not work (has been removed from the JP web site), please click here to see an Acrobat printout of the article.

Here is a small quote from the article:

"I really believe that there is a Jewish soul , though I'm not sure exactly what that it is," says Mound, who became a research fellow in the Department of Hispanics at the University of Glasgow in 1988. "It's something that makes an ordinary, even nonreligious Jew connect straight away with a complete stranger and know instinctively that he is Jewish."
As we sit down in the airy office, Mound points to the shelves at the side of her computer desk: "See down there? Those are the 40 or so files that I am actively working on, trying to help people from around the World who want to reclaim their Jewish heritage and come to Israel. Most of the time, however, it's the Interior Ministry that makes problems for us simply because it has no clue about this subject."

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