Casa Shalom
Institute for Marrano-Anusim Studies
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Casa Shalom - Introduction

Casa Shalom, the Institute for Marrano - Anusim Studies, is a centre for all those interested in the subject. We study and collect material on individual and collective secret jews from all over the world: jews of Meshed, Ireland, Sao Tome , New Mexico, South America, Cuba and other caribbean islands, Spain, Portugal, Balearic Islands.

We are heavily engaged in projects linked to universities in UK and America, connected with marranos in freemasonary, and 18th Century immigration from Minorca to Florida and Cuba. Many of the participants were marranos as our recent research has brought to light. We have traced some of the descendents to modern times and found a continuance of Jewish customs in many of these families.

Please read on the following pages about Casa Shalom. And, if you are convinced as we are that our work is important to you, please support us.

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