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Casa Shalom - Future and Past


From research initiated by Gloria Mound , in the Spanish Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera in 1978, it emerged that within these backwaters Jews had been protected by the Islanders and survived after the explusion in 1492 until modern times As customs, and documents, which included a fourteenth century Megilla Esther, (now being restored by the Spanish Government),and FOUR buildings that had been Secret Synagogues ,some in use until the Civil War in 1936, were discovered research expanded to the larger Islands of Majorca and Minorca, creating considerable Academic interest .

To further the project Gloria and Leslie Mound gave up their home in U.K.,and delayed their emmigration to Israel,settling in Ibiza for three years. prior to making their home in Israel in 1988.Since arriving in Gan Yavneh, the work has continued , with the suppport of a three year Grant from The Schalit Foundation, for which the Institute For Marrano Studies , will be eternally grateful. Such valuable assistance enabled research in Spain USA., Canada, U.K., Caribbean,S.America and Africa, enabling meetings with people from hidden Jewish origins, and data about past/ present Communities.

Whilst each area has its own history, the constant theme has been tenacity of the Jewish Faith. A unique library was amassed during these travels,and the Mounds', who work WITHOUT SALARY, are constantly consulted about their discoveries, supplying literary contributions to a number of prestigious publications , including the Encylopaedia Judaica, plus attendance at International Conferences.

Gloria Mound, was accorded the Honour of Honorary Research Fellow, by University of Glasgow,in 1988,which has been each year since. She has become a popular lecturer, making history come alive to all levels of audiences. A number of Papers have been published, and more are on the way. Studies include happenings in these areas during the HOLOCAUST, and how refugees fleeing the Nazis, were helped by local secret Jews.Close attention to this facet of HOLOCAUST studies in forthcoming publications.

The future

In 1994 it was decided to turn Casa Shalom into an Institute For Marrano - Anusim Studies, and establish a centre for all those interested in the subject. Persons came forward to assist as volunteers,for translation, office work etc. Visitors have been welcomed from all over the world , many from families of hidden Jewish background, who are today themselves desirious of learning more about their heritage.

Books,candlesticks, and other appurtances have been requested,and sent to many places from limited resources. Plans are to hold Seminars, arrange tours to places of jewish interest, many hitherto unknown, help with Genealogical studies, and to promote all forms of of research,alongside EDUCATION,to a myriad of schools in Israel and abroad, regarded as a priority.

In addition aims are to continue , documenting and publishing information ,as a DATA BASE, totalling a merited historical source for future generations. To achieve this the Board feel that membership and support must be extended , AND IS CRUCIAL TO ITS FUTURE EXISTENCE.

Library and Research Centre Project

The library has been officially opened on Wednesday , January 26, by the 5th President of Israel, Mr Yitzhak Navon. Many other dignitaries were present, from Israel and overseas, including Ms Gail Seal, President of JNF-UK; Mr. Simon Winters, JNF-Executive Director; representatives of the Neil Davis Chartibale Fund, the Israel Ministery of Foreign Affairs and the World Jewish Congress.

Photos of the festive opening can be seen by clicking the following link Library photos.

The official invitation for the library opening can be seen by clicking the following link: Library invitation.

In September 2003 we had a Proposal to Build a Library and Research Center at Casa Shalom, Yavneh. This has now been completed, and is fully operational. The library houses a unique collection of books, articles and documents related to the history and current status of Marranos around the world.

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