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Automatic translation of Casa-Shalom web pages to various languages

  It is possible to automatically translate the web pages of the Casa-Shalom web site to many different languages using the Google Language tools.

Clicking on the following link (Google translation) will open a new browser window for the Google language tools page. You should then browse in the current window to the page that you require translated.

When you see the required page in English, copy its address from the address bar and enter it in the "Translate web page" box in the Google Language tools window.
Select then the language required, and press the Translate button.

      here to enter
Click the logo to go to Google Translation tools

Please note: the translation is done automatically, and it is not perfect. If you find something very wrong with the translated text please let us know, by clicking on the notepad and pen image at the bottom of the page.

Last updated: 29 Jan, 2007
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